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09 Oct 2023
Environmental Considerations in Septic System Installation
Environmental Considerations in Septic System Installation

Environmental Considerations in Septic System Installation

The majority of the time, rural areas or properties without direct and convenient access to centralized sewer systems decide to utilize septic systems, which are underground wastewater treatment facilities just like a sewer system, but a septic system treats the wastewater on-site, and you are responsible from anything related to it. In terms of their impact on the environment, we can say that they are environmentally friendly. They reduce trash and recycle water. However, in order to preserve the environmentally friendly nature of the septic system, planning septic tank pumping regularly is quite important. This way, you are ensuring the elimination of any remaining waste the bacteria inside the septic tank couldn't get rid of. If the regular maintenance of septic systems isn't performed, sewage can back up via drains and permanently harm septic system components as well as the environment.

Environmental Impacts If Septic Tank Isn't Taken Care Of

  • Over time, if not checked, the bacterial activity in the tank may deteriorate. If the bacteria inside the tank isn't strong enough, the decomposition is going to slow down, and because of this, there will be an accumulation of sludge inside the tank, and this can create other systemic problems, mainly overflows.
  • If the septic tank is damaged, this is going to cause the wastewater to leak. As a result, the system's pipes might clog, and in turn, this is going to cause overflows.
  • As a result of overflows, your yard and possibly your neighbor's yard will be exposed to wastewater. The groundwater and drinking water may get contaminated if the septic systems in our homes are not functioning properly. 

What You Can Do

There are a few steps you can take to make sure your septic system stays environmentally friendly. First of all, if you have decided to install a septic system, reach out to a professional to learn where it would be best to install it. Since locations play a very important role when it comes to septic tanks, you need to make sure it's not close to any other water sources. The second step is knowing what to send down your drains. You should avoid harsh chemicals like drain cleaners because they may significantly harm the bacteria inside the septic tank. Finally, try to be active in conserving water. This way, you are avoiding any overloading which can harm the system. You can do this by fixing leaks, utilizing low-flow fixtures, and lowering water consumption.

Reliable Septic Services in Your Area

Society's smooth operation depends on septic systems. That's because they safeguard both people and other living things from harmful diseases, safeguarding our welfare in the process. The best way to ensure the intactness of our septic systems is by making an appointment with a licensed plumber every two to five years. The lifespan of your sewage system is greatly influenced by how frequently you pump out your septic tank and septic tank repairs if any problems are found in the process. If you are looking for a professional septic company in your area, this is where your search stops. The professionals at Rooter Septic Services are more than happy to help you with various septic services, including but not limited to septic tank installation and repair. Call us today to learn more about us and schedule your appointment.