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Septic Tank Pumping in Lilburn, GA

Your septic tank can only hold so much waste and wastewater before you need a septic tank pumping. If it is time for your septic tank pumping in Lilburn, then call Rooter Septic Service to get in touch with a live representative and schedule your flexible appointment or arrange an urgent dispatch. We also offer septic tank cleaning in Lilburn. If you are not sure whether your septic tank is due for a pumping, then schedule one anyway. It is definitely better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your wastewater treatment system. The folks at Rooter Septic Service are always ready and happy to help.

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Taking Care of Your Septic System

The septic system is a simple one with a few main components: the septic tank, the distribution box, and the drain field. Waste and wastewater from your household pipes enter the septic tank through the inlet pipe. The liquid effluent, or wastewater, then flows through the T-shaped outlet pipe and into the drain field where it percolates through gravel and soil for treatment. Meanwhile, the solid waste in the septic tank is broken down into sludge, saving valuable space in the tank.
As you may have guessed, a great way to take care of your septic system is by restricting the amount of wastewater heading into the septic system. Install water-efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances, stagger your water usage, and otherwise minimize water usage. You can also lighten the burden on the “good” bacteria by only disposing of biodegradable items and refrain from pouring harsh chemicals down the drains.

Septic Tank Cleaning in Lilburn, GA

Emptying Your Septic Tank

A wastewater treatment system pumping is the emptying of your septic tank. However, there is a small difference between pumping and cleaning the tank. A Lilburn septic system pumping targets the layer of scum and the excess wastewater while septic tank cleaning is more comprehensive.
Both are important tasks that should be performed once every two to four years depending on the size of your septic tank, the size of your household, and your plumbing usage among other factors. If you are not sure when your septic tank was last pumped, then call Rooter Septic Service to schedule an appointment today. It is better to pump early than to pump too late. Your friends at Rooter Septic Service are always ready to help.

Are You Experiencing an Emergency?

The consequences of delaying your septic pumping can be disastrous. An overwhelmed septic tank can cause sewage backups and leaks into your yard, drain field, and even underground water sources. Such contaminations can expose you to legal liabilities. If you are experiencing an emergency, then skip the web searches for “septic pumping near me” and call Rooter Septic Service instead. We are proud to be available around the clock.
Our live representatives are on standby to take your call and arrange an urgent dispatch. We have septic technicians on call throughout the day, so never hesitate to call. We can have a technician dispatched to your location in as soon as within the hour.

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