Septic Tank Repair in McDonough, GA

Septic Tank Repair in McDonough

As long as your septic system is well-kept and maintained, it shouldn’t cause you any problems. This doesn’t mean anything will ever go wrong, however. While septic system maintenance should be your priority, you have to be ready for emergency situations that can creep up on you. There are a couple of reasons why you might need septic tank repair in McDonough. We brought together a list of signs you can look out for that indicate you need septic tank repair or a replacement leading to septic tank installation. If you notice any of these happening in your household, call Rooter Septic Services so we can start the necessary repairs.

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Signs You Need Septic Tank Repair

  • Sewage Backups – Wastewater backing up into your sinks can be caused by several things. When water gets sent down to the septic tank, the solid and liquid waste gets separated, and the liquid waste is processed by bacteria. It then gets sent into the drain field where any present harmful bacteria get absorbed by the soil. When the septic tank or drain field is overloaded, however, it starts causing a backup. One of the most common reasons why people call for septic tank repair is because of an overloaded tank. To prevent a backup, perform a wastewater treatment system inspection in McDonough.
  • Overly Green Grass – Grass that thrives and looks healthy is a bad sign when it comes to septic tanks. If there is grass that is greener and more abundant on your septic tank than anywhere else on the field, it’s a red flag. This is a sign of a leak in your tank when wastewater leaks from cracks and acts as a fertilizer for the plants. To avoid this, perform regular septic system maintenance and septic inspection.
  • Trees and Shrubs – As a homeowner, it’s understandable that you want to make your home look appealing. Planting trees and shrubs near your septic system is not the way to do this. Tree roots actively seek out a water source to continue to grow, so they can disrupt your septic tank, causing cracks and leaks. Before planting anything, make sure you do your research and find out which plants are best compatible with a septic system. Otherwise, if you manage to fail to choose the correct plant, you’ll likely be calling in for a new septic tank installation in McDonough soon.

Septic Tank Installation in McDonough, GA

Types of Septic Systems

If you’re looking to have a septic tank installation in McDonough, make sure you know what type of septic system you want to install. There are two main types of septic systems, conventional and aerobic. They both get the job done but go about it in different ways.

Conventional septic systems have a simple process. The tank's anaerobic microbes aid in the breakdown of the liquid and solid waste, resulting in wastewater that may sometimes be sent to the drain field through one more treatment tank.

Aerobic septic systems cost more and are more complicated. These consist of three compartments: a tank for the pump, a treatment plant, and a trash tank. Similar to conventional septic systems, liquid and solid waste enters the trash tank and settles in layers. The difference occurs when wastewater reaches the treatment plant, where an aerator circulates oxygen bubbles throughout the effluent. Aerobic microbes, which break down waste more quickly and efficiently than anaerobic microbes, require the addition of oxygen to create a stable environment. The wastewater then enters the pump tank for a final treatment using chlorine or another disinfectant to get rid of any remaining pathogens.

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For more services like septic tank repair in McDonough, contact Rooter Septic Services. Our professional plumbers can tackle every problem that you present to them. Some of our other services include septic inspection, septic tank installation, and wastewater treatment system inspection in McDonough.


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