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17 Sep 2023
Sewer System vs. Septic System
Sewer System vs. Septic System

Sewer System vs. Septic System

Septic tanks or sewer lines are the two methods used by every residence to get rid of wastewater. Although both have benefits and drawbacks, homeowners are frequently unable to decide between the two. However, with the new improvements in technology, now the residents have a choice of connecting to the public sewer system. While for some homeowners this is a great option, for other homeowners with new septic systems, the decision might be more difficult. If you’re trying to decide which option is better for your house, keep reading.  In this article, we will try to cover the differences between the two systems, their individual benefits, and other basics.

Sewer vs. Septic

The main distinction between a septic system and a sewer system is that a septic system handles the wastewater on-site. It’s normally, situated under your home and you are responsible for taking care of the costs, etc. On the other hand, a sewer line directs the wastewater to your city’s wastewater plant, and the government of the county deals with the costs.

Septic System

How Do They Work?

Septic tanks decompose the wastewater using some microflora elements. The bottom of the tank collects heavier waste made up of inorganic particles and bacterial digestion byproducts, at the same time, other lighter waste and oils rise to the top. The name given to the waste inside the septic tank is called effluent and effluent is transferred to a drain field with the help of an output pipe where it becomes part of the soil.


Even though septic systems require a little bit more maintenance, it comes with a variety of benefits. Since they don’t have to be pumped and transferred for long distances, they consume less energy and are more beneficial for the environment since microorganisms are used to decompose the waste. Of course, once in about every three years, pump maintenance by professionals is beneficial, but other than that, you don’t have to do anything else to maintain your tank. It’s a great way to handle your own waste without having to rely on the public sewage system, septic tanks provide a great deal of independence.

Sewer System

  • How Does A Sewer System Operates?

Your home's main drain pipe carries waste outside, where it exits at the curb or street and joins the city sewer line. Then, wastewater reaches the treatment facility where it gets cleaned and is ready for reuse.

  • Sewer System Components

The sewer line is divided into two sections, Upper and Lower.

  • Upper Part- the part of the sewer line that is closest to your home is called the upper part. They are located underneath the yard.
  • Lower Part – After the beginning, the upper part stops, and the lower part is where the lines begin to connect the main line owned by the city government.

Reliable Septic Company- Rooter Septic Services

If you have decided on getting a septic tank due to its benefits and are looking for a reliable septic company, you are at the right address. At Rooter Septic Services, we offer a variety of services including but not limited to septic tank installation and septic tank repair. Additionally, if you already have a septic tank and you want maintenance, we also perform septic tank pumping. Call us today to learn more.