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24 Sep 2023
How to Deal with an Abandoned Septic System
How to Deal with an Abandoned Septic System

How to Deal with an Abandoned Septic System

Septic systems and tanks play a crucial role in our life. Years ago, it was normal for people to abandon their septic system. Many homeowners didn’t know much information about its dangers. To inform everyone of the dangers, we gathered some information. So, throughout this article, we will go through the dangers of an abandoned septic system, what you should do to an abandoned septic tank system, and how Rooter Septic Services can help.

Dangers of an Abandoned Septic System

If a septic system is abandoned, it can cause much damage to its environment and your health. Let’s learn some of these dangers in this section.

  • Weakening Ground: The septic system is in the ground. Containing some toxic liquids inside, the system will start to collapse. Over time, you can see that the ground is weakened or there are sinkholes.
  • Build Of Dangerous Gasses: Like the liquids inside, if the septic tank is abandoned without proper maintenance and inspection, toxic gasses inside can build. They need to be extracted to get rid of the system safely.
  • Increase in Diseases: Coming in contact with human waste, the water coming through can result in many diseases and contamination.

What Should You Do To Abandon A Septic Tank System?

If you did come across an abandoned septic system, these are the steps to leave the area properly:

  1. Call a professional septic service immediately. People don’t know much about this issue, so calling an experienced service will help you get as much knowledge and get the job done efficiently. If you don’t know who to call, call Rooter Septic Services today to get your septic tank repair.
  2. To avoid all the dangers of an abandoned septic system, the tank must be completely emptied. Professional services will use a vacuum to suck all the liquids and gasses inside and dispose of them rightly.
  3. Remove the tank and get rid of it. The septic company will decide the condition and what they can do with it. They will also see if the dispersal system will be removed.
  4. Please get rid of any electrical devices installed on the septic system and make sure there is no other equipment left behind unless it is concluded as not dangerous.
  5. Fill the hole caused by the septic system, and you are safe.

Rooter Septic Services

In this article, we went over the dangers of abandoned septic systems and what to do when you come across one. As you can see, working with a professional service is necessary to avoid being directly exposed to all the dangers. To prevent this, at Rooter Septic Services, we have dedicated ourselves to providing quality services to our community. With our dedication, motivation, community support, and professionals, problems with septic tank pumping are no longer here. Call us today to learn more about us and our services, or get estimates for your next septic tank installation. What are you waiting for? There is no time to waste. Call us now.