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02 Oct 2022
Why Proper Septic Design is Important
Why Proper Septic Design is Important

Why Proper Septic Design is Important

Designing a septic system special for your household is important. The structural availability and environmental factors, along with other situations will be assessed before designing. Septic professionals will gather information about your property and work to build a septic system based on it. Call a professional from Rooter Septic Services to get started on your design.

A Detailed Examination

Septic system design starts by running through different rules and regulations, along with zoning requirements. This will help professionals understand the policies and environmental factors in your area. A property survey will be conducted as well, making sure no wiring, cables, and other equipment are in the area that will be dug up. The next step would be to conduct a soil percolation test, which involves filling a deep hole with water and observing how long it takes until the water reaches the bottom layer of the soil.

Consult With a Specialist

In some circumstances, the septic system designer might need to alter the area you want to build your house because it will affect the functioning of the septic system or the area your septic system will be installed. You can ask a specialist to list alternate designs that can make this easier for you. Ask for a thorough, detailed description of the advantages and disadvantages of each design before you choose an option.

Most septic tanks are designed with a downstream flow by gravity. Gravity-fed-up septic designs cost less and require fewer maintenance expenses than those that use pumping to operate. Call your septic company to negotiate the best septic design for you.

Signs of Septic Failure

The failure of your septic system can be caused by an issue in septic design just as much as it could be caused by outside factors. If the design isn’t done right, in the future the septic system could lead to messy situations, become a health hazard, start having issues too soon, and cause costly repairs. Some of these general causes of septic failure will prove to you how important the design of the septic system is for a lifetime.

  • Septic Tank is Too Small – This is a common problem when it comes to septic tank design. After asking the size of the household, designers will construct a tank that meets minimum requirements and overlooks the capacity to which the household can use the septic tank.
  • Lack of Structural Support – When designing the tank, it’s important to design its structure in a way where it can support itself without relying too much on the soil surrounding it. Having a tough exterior will help with protection from outside forces and intruders like tree roots.
  • Improper Maintenance – In order for your septic system to remain healthy and functioning, you need to keep up regular maintenance. This includes routine inspection and septic tank pumping. Septic tank pumping is a process where the different layers of waste and liquid that have accumulated in the septic tank are removed. This allows the septic tank to be cleaned and opens up room for new waste to enter.

At Rooter Septic Services, our designers have an outstanding ability to design a septic tank that is perfect for your household or business. We don’t try to rush through the design process but instead work at a fast but dedicated pace to deliver the best design to you. If you don’t want to have any regrets about choosing a septic company, choose Rooter Septic Services.