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30 Sep 2021
Where is My Septic Tank System Filter Located?
Where is My Septic Tank System Filter Located?

Septic Tank System Filter

Whether you’re familiar with septic tank systems or not, it may be a surprise that the more modern septic tanks are fitted with filters in them. While having a filter inside a septic tank system sounds slightly crazy, and you may be wondering why anyone would do that, there is a good reason. When you think of a filter in your septic system, you should think of the oil filter that is inside your car. The filter’s job is to catch the smaller particles that form in your engine and cause your engine to clog. It’s the same thing with your septic tank systems filter. If you have a septic tank system and you aren’t sure if it has a filter or not, you can always call Rooter Septic Services to come and check it out.

The filter in your septic tank system was designed to catch smaller particles in your septic tank so your system didn’t get clogged. Your septic system is composed of 2 main parts that work to filter different particles through. Let’s talk about the two different filters in your septic tank systems and where they are located.

Where is My Septic Tank System Filter Located?

As stated earlier, there are two different components of filtration in your septic tank system and each one is located in a different section of your system.

The first filter in your septic tank system is called the septic tank. When you flush a toilet, take a shower, wash dishes, or do your laundry, the first place your water goes is in the septic tank. This section of your system has a balance of different bacteria that works to break down and solids or waste that enter your tank. These bacteria are constantly feeding on the solids that enter your septic tank and break things down into smaller and smaller particles, which your septic tank will then catch and filter by keeping them in the septic tank.

After that process, the water is then filtered into the leach field, which is the second component of your septic tank system. The field of this part of your septic tank system is to bring in the treated water that has already gone through your septic tank. When the water is treated and cleaned, it is then released into the soil around your property. The soil acts as a sponge ad soaks up the water that goes through your septic tank. But before the water is dispersed into your soil, all the containments are filtered out so there is no health risk to you, your family, or your property.

Septic tank filters are located on the outlet of your septic tank so that nothing contaminated enters your property. They trap as many of the toxic solids or material inside the tank so you never have to worry about you or your family’s health.
Are you looking for septic tank cleaning, septic tank pumping, or septic tank maintenance? Are you looking to learn more about your septic tank systems filter? If so, call Rooter Septic Services to learn more!