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15 Nov 2022
What to Know About Septic Installation?
What to Know About Septic Installation?

What to Know About Septic Installation?

While many people enjoy daydreaming about rural life, not all possess the necessary skills to make that dream a reality. If you're here to learn about septic systems, you probably want to put in the time and effort required to become a system owner. Even though most of the installation is done by a septic company, knowing more about the system is helpful when it comes time to keep it running smoothly. Your septic system will be your responsibility as a standalone unit and maintaining it in good working order ensures the health of your family, your community, and the natural resources that surround your home.

What You Need to Know About Installation

  • Have the System Inspected – If you're buying or selling a house, you should know that a septic tank inspection is required. You will never know how well the septic tank system has been maintained if you are a buyer. Avoid being confined to a septic tank system that will require replacement. You could spend thousands of dollars on a new septic tank installation. When selling a rural home, it's also necessary to get a septic tank inspection. A strong selling point for you will be a septic tank inspection that demonstrates your excellent upkeep over time.
  • Leave it to the Professionals – The installation of a septic tank is complicated and should be left to professionals. The procedure is significantly more involved than simply placing a tank in the ground and digging a hole. A septic tank system must be supported by the soil type and topography. The layout of the land and the type of soil are examined and adjusted accordingly by the septic company. According to the results and examinations made, the corresponding materials are used for the installation process to begin. If you need help installing your tank, Rooter Septic Services has your back.
  • Septic Systems Take Up Space – Septic tank systems are not exactly small. They will usually take over your entire yard and force you to separate an abundant piece of land. Space usually isn't a big deal because they're generally installed in rural areas where land is easy to get. As a septic system owner, you should be familiar with the different parts of the septic system. The main parts of the septic system include the septic tank, drain field, and sewer pipes. The tank is where all the waste accumulates and gets broken down by bacteria. You should have a septic tank pumping in Fayetteville every 3-5 years or whenever it is needed. Take this task seriously, or you could end up with septic emergencies like backup and septic failure.
  • Monitor Your System – Take a tour of the drain field. Make sure the ground isn't wet or even damp. A clear indication that your septic system is draining water improperly is damp ground. Inspect the area around the septic tank as well. Look around for water puddles or very green grass. These are indications of excessive water use or a more extensive plumbing issue.

As sludge accumulates in the septic tank over time, the system will be less able to move wastewater through the pipes. Most of the sludge will be removed from the system by plumbers. Septic tank pumping will ensure that the system is operating effectively and will extend its lifespan. For any concerns regarding your septic system, call Rooter Septic Services.