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18 Sep 2021
What Needs To Be Done After Septic Tank Cleaning?
What Needs To Be Done After Septic Tank Cleaning?

What Needs To Be Done After Septic Tank Cleaning?

Did you just recently get your septic tank system cleaned and now you don’t know what to do? That is a water system question that comes up occasionally among homeowners, and Rooter Septic Services is bringing you the answer!

While the answer this question varies depending on who you ask, some homeowners are very assertive with their beliefs and practices surrounding the matter. Some of them firmly declare that the only way their septic tank functions properly after cleaning is if they put a dead chicken into the tank after it’s pumped, a dead chicken! According to them, this will re-start the bacteria in the septic tank, so that everything continues to work properly. There is also the legendary method that states that if you don’t add a large bag of dog food to the tank after cleaning, your tank will not function properly. Others keep a special supply of yeast on hand to flush down the toilet when their tank has been pumped out, in order to keep the septic bugs satisfied, and push away bad things.

What is the right answer?

Here at Rooter Septic Services, and based on our years working in the residential septic system industry, we have found that in most cases there is absolutely no need to add anything to your septic tank after pumping.

Coupled with kitchen waste, human waste is full of bacteria and enzymes, which are sufficient to break down the residential waste that comes from most homes. Our experience in the field is fully supported, and summed up very well by a study conducted by Washington State University.

Instead of spending your money on additives, that are likely ineffective or even effective additives that are unsafe to use, you are recommended to reach out to us every three to five years to pump your septic tank.

Home septic tank additives can be helpful for cleaning your plumbing system in these particular cases:

Customers who were undergoing chemotherapy had problems with their septic tanks because of the chemo-killing microorganisms in the tanks. We have also had customers who utilized using an excessive amounts of bleach or Clorox cleaning can also cause problems with their septic tanks.

Rooter Septic Services recommends BioClean in cases like this, which is a mix of bacteria in powder form that activates when it is added to liquid. This will increase the bacterial count in the septic tank to help overcome higher levels of toxic influent.

Overusing a leach field may cause it to clog with solids. Rooter Septic Services has had success with opening the ends of leach fingers and cleaning out the solids from the lines using a hydro-jetting machine. Once cleaned out, we flush clean water back into the cleaned out solids, mixed with a high concentration of BioClean bacteria. Shock treatment of very high bacteria content will allow breaking down the remaining solids, and many times a failing leach field can be brought back to life in this manner.

Are you looking for more advice on what do after having your septic tank cleaned? Are you looking to hire us for septic tank cleaning or septic tank maintenance? If you are looking for a new septic tank company in Jonesboro to service your septic tank, you can call our office today to learn more!