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16 Oct 2022
The Benefits of Lift Stations
The Benefits of Lift Stations

The Benefits of Lift Stations

If your sewer line isn’t elevated enough to pump wastewater into the drain field, you’ll likely need a lift station pump. Lift station pumps are critical for septic systems. Without them, your septic tank will not drain and cause many issues in the future. If you’re considering installing a lift station pump and would like to learn more about it, contact Rooter Septic Services. We also explain what a lift station pump does and how it’s beneficial to your septic system, so read along to get the answers you’re searching for.

What’s a Lift Station?

A pump station called a wastewater lift station is made to use a collection system to move wastewater, also known as sewage, from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. These pump stations are frequently utilized to transport wastewater to its final destination from residential and commercial facilities, which is often the wastewater treatment plant or the drain field in a septic system.

What Makes Up a Lift Station?

There are several key components to a lift station, including submersible pumps with pumping and valves, motors, equipment control, an alarm system, a wastewater receiving well, and an odor control system. These will need to be closely monitored in case of repair or failure. With proper maintenance, the lift station will also keep up efficiency for a greater amount of time. An important maintenance tip for septic systems will be to have regular septic tank pumping performed. This prevents overflow and many other problems related to your septic tank. Contact a septic company for more advice on how to upkeep maintenance on your lift station.

Important Features

The lift station's efficient and trouble-free operation depends on a well-designed wet well. The wet well is there to tell the pump to start pumping when there is enough water. This can be accomplished by allowing the lift station to operate automatically using a straightforward control loop. It is not recommended to use the wet well for any other purpose, such as a sewage storage reservoir. In point of fact, the wet well ought to be as small as possible in order to shorten the amount of time that the sewage spends in detention. Septic action may occur if the wastewater remains in the wet well for an excessive amount of time. On the other hand, the wet well should be large enough to prevent the lift station pump from starting and stopping too frequently.

Maintenance of a Lift Station

In your owner's manual, you'll find instructions for routine upkeep and when to do it. While some businesses provide no guidance at all, others recommend performing basic maintenance on a monthly basis, such as cleaning, lubricating moving parts, and listening to issues. Based on the volume of wastewater you observe, you will ultimately have to decide how frequently it makes sense to check your lift station. You can always seek help from a septic company in Peachtree City as well. Some things to check on your lift station include valves, controls, float switches, and settings. Additionally, for septic system maintenance, don’t forget your routine septic tank pumping.

If you need guidance on your lift station pump, Rooter Septic Services is here for you. Ask our professionals about any concerns or interests you have, and they’ll help you out.