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22 Aug 2021
Signs That Indicate A Dangerous Septic System
Signs That Indicate A Dangerous Septic System

Signs That Indicate A Dangerous Septic System

Your septic is, for the most part, safely installed several feet underground. It performs its job efficiently and silently, making it easy to take the unit for granted. Once the septic system malfunctions or fails, however, you will quickly understand how good you had it. A septic system failure can expose you to harmful chemicals, bacteria, pathogens, and microbes. It can also contaminate underground water sources, putting you at risk of legal liability. Rooter Septic Service is here to help though. Here are some red flags that indicate there is something seriously wrong with your septic system.

Foul Odors

If it is not coming from someone in the house, then that foul odor might be coming from your septic system. In a functional septic system, the odors are tightly sealed so as to not pollute your house or the local area. Sewer gases are not restricted to the smell of poop, though. They include a mixture of different gases including methane, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide. These are flammable, irritating, and toxic gases that should be addressed as soon as possible. Avoid open flames and call Rooter Septic Service for assistance.

Water and Sewage Backups

What goes up must come down, but what goes down the drains should never come back up. If you are experiencing water or sewage backups, then there is likely something wrong with your septic system or the drains. Backups might occur if the septic tank is too full, the drain field is flooded, or there is a blockage somewhere in the system. Be careful with what you flush down toilets and allow in the drains. Don’t forget to pump your septic tank regularly to avoid overloads.

Pooling Water and Overly Green Grass

Puddles of water coincidentally near the septic tank and drain field is a solid sign of a leaking or overflowing septic system. A more subtle sign is patches of overly lush and green grass. This should make sense because sewage is a natural fertilizer. Don’t let this fool you though. Along with the green grass comes disease-causing microbes and pathogens.

Depressions or Low Areas

It is normal for backfill over septic tanks and drain field lines to settle and leave a depression in the soil. However, if you see new depressions or areas of settling soil, then keep traffic out of that area by marking it off. You should call a septic service technician as soon as possible to have that area inspected. There is a serious risk of the septic tank, distribution box, or septic system collapse.

Old Septic System

The septic system is designed to last a limited number of years. Properly installed and well-maintained units can last up to thirty years, but it is a good idea to replace your unit before things start falling apart.

Call Rooter Septic Service

If you do not want to deal with a damaged septic system, then you have got to stay on top of maintenance. Call Rooter Septic Service to schedule a flexible appointment and get your free price estimate today.