Septic Tank Repair in Peachtree City, GA

Dependable Septic Tank Repair in Peachtree City

Your septic system has the responsibility of storing and disposing of the wastewater that comes from your household. While the septic system requires very little attention, as a homeowner you should keep up regular maintenance and inspection. After all, it is a system made up of machines and pipes that can receive damage from inside and out. If you’re having an issue with your septic tank in any way or would like to receive your regular checkup, call Rooter Septic Services. We offer a wide range of services, such as septic tank installation, septic inspection, septic system maintenance, and septic tank repair in Peachtree City. Don’t wait until disaster strikes. If you feel like your septic system is acting irregularly, call for a wastewater treatment system inspection in Peachtree City as soon as you can.

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Common Signs of Septic Tank Repair

  • Slow Drains – Your septic system relies on a series of pipes to function. If you notice that you have slow drains in your house, this is an indicator that you need to check on your septic system. Slow drains may be caused by debris that builds up in pipes over time.
  • Obnoxious Odors – Having bad smells coming from near your septic tank is an obvious sign you need to check up on. If you’ve been putting off your septic tank pumping, the waste in the septic tank could have accumulated to the point where it started to leak out or cause backups. You will need to call a septic company for septic tank repair, and it won’t hurt to have a septic inspection done as well.
  • Water Pooling/Green Grass – Another sign of septic tank repair is when you have water pooling around your drain field. This also means that your septic tank is leaking out onto your drain field, so you’ll need to check out what’s causing the leak. If there’s no obvious flooding yet you notice that certain areas on your lawn have lusher, greener grass, this also indicates there might be a leak. Always have one eye on your septic tank so that you don’t miss these signs, or else the problem could get worse as more time passes.

How Much Does a Septic Tank Cost?

The cost for a septic tank installation in Peachtree City can range anywhere from $4,500 to $9,000. The cost includes the price for the tank, which is around $1,500, and the cost for labor, which can range from $1,500 to$4,000. Have your septic tank installation with Rooter Septic Services to receive quality service and outstanding assistance. We can also perform routine septic system maintenance to make sure everything is running smoothly. Give us a call for more information about septic tank installation in Peachtree City.

We’ve got you covered for your next wastewater treatment system inspection in Peachtree City. Remember to stay aware of the signs we’ve listed for you above, and don’t neglect maintenance on your septic tank. If there’s anyone that can provide quality septic tank repair in Peachtree City, it’s Rooter Septic Services.


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