Septic Tank Repair in Milton, GA

Septic Tank Repair in Milton, GA

Is wastewater backing up into your drains? Are you experiencing frequently clogged drains? Have you noticed a strong and pungent odor coming out of your drains? If so, these are warning signs of septic tank failure, and you need to look for "septic tank repair near me" to keep your septic tank in good working order. A failing septic tank can cause many problems including slow drains, sewage backup, foul odors in your home, drainfield damage, and more. If your septic tank is failing and you need septic tank repair in Milton, GA, get in touch with Rooter Septic Services for efficient services. At Rooter Septic Services, we can fix all kinds of septic tank problems at affordable rates. We also provide septic tank installation, septic tank replacement, and wastewater treatment system inspection in Milton.

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Why Septic Tanks Fail?

  • Excessive Water Use: A septic tank is designed to handle a certain quantity of wastewater at a time. If your household water usage exceeds the rate at which your septic tank eliminates wastewater, you’ll end up with an overflowing septic tank or even sewage backup.
  • Lack of Maintenance: A septic tank needs to be pumped and emptied every 2-5 years to remove sludge and scum. If you don’t, the solids will build up in the tank and diminish your tank’s holding capacity and cause sewage backup.
  • Use of Chemical Drain Cleaners: Although chemical drain cleaners are touted as a quick solution to drain clogs, they are known to cause septic tank failure. Chemical drain cleaners can damage the microbial ecosystem in a septic tank and interfere with the breakdown of solid waste, thereby leading to clogging, waste accumulation, and sewage backup.
  • Flushing Non-Flushable Items Down Your Drains: It's easy for most people to toss things like wipes in the toilet and flush them down the drains or wash food particles down the kitchen sink. While it may seem like a convenient thing to do, non-flushable items like cooking grease, baby wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, eggshells, and coffee grounds end up piling up as sludge in your septic tank, causing clogging. Too much solid material in a septic tank can lead to septic tank failure.

If you’ve noticed signs of septic failure in your Milton, GA home, remember that you can always call Rooter Septic Services. Our septic repair team is capable of inspecting your septic tank to diagnose any problems and solve them effectively.

Septic Inspection in Milton, GA

The average household septic tank should be inspected at least once every three years, depending on household size and usage. Regular septic inspection allows you to spot minor problems before they become major and costly repairs. Furthermore, a septic inspection will reveal whether your tank needs to be pumped to avoid backups and slow drains. When you’re in need of septic inspection or septic system maintenance in Milton, GA, you can count on Rooter Septic Services to help you keep your septic system running smoothly.

Get in touch with Rooter Septic Services for all of your septic system needs. Whether it be septic system installation in Milton, septic tank repair, or wastewater treatment system inspection in Milton, we've got you covered. We look forward to helping you restore your septic tank to its perfect working order.


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