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01 Apr 2022
Reasons to Use a Septic Additive
Reasons to Use a Septic Additive

Reasons to Use a Septic Additive

A septic tank contains different bacteria whose role is breaking down the solid waste in the tank, turning it into liquid waste so that it can be eliminated safely into the drainfield without causing problems. These bacteria grow naturally in a septic tank as more solid waste is flushed into the tank. However, large amounts of substances like antibacterial soaps, antibiotics, bleach, chemical cleaners, medicines, and other toxic products can destabilize and destroy the "healthy" bacteria needed to break down effluent in your septic tank. Without a healthy balance of bacteria in your septic tank, you will experience a range of septic problems, and this is where septic additives come in to help you improve septic tank performance.

Septic additives combine bacteria and enzymes to support bacterial growth and bacterial activity in a septic tank in order to enhance the breakdown of solid waste. In other words, these additives provide a boost of bacteria in a septic tank for purposes of promoting a healthy, natural bacteria ecosystem.

The following are 3 reasons to use septic additives:

Prevent Backups

By promoting a healthy bacteria ecosystem in a septic tank, septic additives help to break down effluent so your septic tank eliminates wastewater properly. This helps to avoid septic backups. If you’ve noticed warning signs of a sewage backup such as bubbling drains, sewage-like odors, and sewage coming out of a cleanout pipe, you may want to consider using a septic additive.

Keep Septic System Healthy

A septic additive promotes a healthy, natural bacteria ecosystem in a septic tank, thereby helping to improve septic tank performance. By ensuring a septic tank breaks down solid waste as it should, a septic additive keeps your septic tank running smoothly. If you use a septic additive once a month, you’ll rarely experience issues like sewage odors, clogs, slow drains, drainfield damage, and other common septic problems. Keeping your septic system healthy allows you to save money on service and repairs.

Prolong The Life of Your Septic Tank System

By restoring balance in your septic tank and ensuring proper breakdown of effluent, septic additives keep your tank functioning properly for years to come. Keeping septic tank problems like clogs, overflows, and backups at bay extends the life of your septic system.

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Your septic tank plays an important role in eliminating wastewater from your property and helping you maintain sanitary conditions. Therefore, it has to be in good working order to do its job effectively.

If your septic tank is exhibiting signs of failure, it’s advisable to call a reliable septic tank company to help you fix the problems. At Rooter Septic Services, we've built a reputation as a reliable septic tank company with an unwavering commitment to providing efficient and affordable septic services.

Whether you're in need of septic tank repair, septic cleaning, or septic tank pumping, you can rely on Rooter Septic Services to help you keep your septic system in good shape.