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03 Dec 2021
Learning About Your Septic System
Learning About Your Septic System

Learning About Your Septic System

If you plan to move to a house with an already installed septic tank, you’re considering installing one at your home or business, or you’ve been living on a property that has an installed septic system, you may be surprised to know that its basic components are not complicated to understand. Having this knowledge can help you figure out when there is a problem, preserve and maintain your septic system, and communicate clearly with a septic company. The septic system is has a basic design that gave good results for decades, because it simply uses gravity to remove wastewater back to the ground. Rooter Septic Services has brought you more information about the four primary components of a septic system: a pipe from the home, a septic tank, a drain field or a leach field, and the soil.

What Are the Main Parts of a Septic System?

  • Pipe From the House

You might already know that all of your wastewater comes from your home through plumbing attached to pipes, in order to reach your septic tank where wastewater begins the filtering process. This includes water from toilets, sinks, as well as washing machines, which makes it even more important to take care of your plumbing, do your research, and follow the advised practices for what is recommended for cleaning materials, detergents, even hair products, all of which will make septic cleaning easier.

  • Septic Tank

In addition to including the first filtration system that promotes healthy wastewater treatment, septic tanks are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and capacities in order to manage the use of water and any waste that comes from the house or business. Septic tanks, usually buried in the yard, collect the wastewater and hold it long enough to allow solids to settle at the bottom, forming sludge, and oils and grease to float to the top as scum. The water between the sludge and scum layers exits through a T-shaped outlet into the drain field. Keep in mind that a septic company can conduct a regular septic cleaning that eliminates the scum and sludge.

  • Drain Field

The third component of a septic system is the drain field, where wastewater is discharged, passing through gravel and dirt, which act as cleaning agents for the water every time new wastewater enters the tank; this critical step is what prepares gray water for its final stage. The drain field will flood if it’s overloaded with liquid, causing sewage to flow to the ground. Rooter Septic Services encourages pumping your septic tank regularly.

  • Soil

After flowing to the drain field, treated and filtered gray water goes into the soil where it’s dispersed back into the groundwater, in order to provide the final treatment that removes harmful bacteria and viruses. The right soil is crucial for successful wastewater treatment; a septic company can test your soil for potential contamination, to guarantee it can handle this last stage of the wastewater management process.

Are you searching for a septic company to provide you with various septic services? Are you new to having a septic system? Do you need septic cleaning and you need a reliable septic company? Don’t hesitate to contact Rooter Septic Services for an efficient septic system in your property.