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22 Oct 2021
How to Know If I Have Septic Backup
How to Know If I Have Septic Backup

How to Know If I Have Septic Backup

It’s no surprise that our environment can creep close to our homes and come into direct contact with our underground plumbing pipes. Whether it be tree roots or debris, the growth can cause serious damage to your underground piping. Rooter Septic Services offers a wide variety of septic tank services to ensure your plumbing pipes are always in top shape. Whether you need us for septic tank repair or septic tank maintenance, we are just a phone call away!

Tree roots and underground movement are the enemies of your plumbing pipes. The pipes underneath your property are the only way that sewage can be properly removed from your property, so it’s important that they always work properly. If they aren’t working properly, you may experience sewer system backups. How do you know if they’re not working properly or if you have septic backups? The team at Rooter Septic Services came up with the most common warning signs that you are dealing with septic backups, and here’s what those signs are.

4 Warnings Signs That You Have Septic Backup

  • Water backup from your plumbing appliances

Are you noticing water backing up from your toilet after you flush? Are you noticing that your shower isn’t draining as quickly as it should? Is your drain experiencing water backups? Multiple drain backups are the most common sign that your septic system is experiencing backups from some sort of damage. If you are noticing water backup coming from your plumbing appliances, it’s time to call Rooter Septic Services.

  • Strong odor coming from your drains

Unless you burnt popcorn, you should never have any foul odors in your home. If you are in the bathroom and notice a foul odor coming from your toilet, or if you notice a smell coming from any drain or faucet in your home, you have a septic backup. This should be addressed immediately – who wants to live with a foul odor in their home anyway?

  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drains

Are there any faucets or drains in your home making gurgling noises when in use? This isn’t normal, so if you hear any gurgling sounds coming from your faucets, showerheads, or your toilet, call Rooter Septic Services immediately.

  • Standing water around your plumbing appliances

As a homeowner, you know that standing or pooling water anywhere in your home is never a good thing. If you notice any pooling water in or around your plumbing appliances, this is a very clear sign that you have septic backup and need Rooter Septic Services for septic repair or septic tank pumping.

Are you dealing with signs of septic backup? Are you plumbing appliances not working as they should be? Do you need septic services such as septic tank pumping or septic tank repair? Are you looking for a reliable septic company to provide you with septic maintenance? Rooter Septic Services is here to help! Offering a wide variety of septic tank services, we are your new go-to septic tank company! Call us today to learn more.