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Vanessa B

My experience started with my first interaction with the lady that handled my call. Everyone I spoke to was friendly, professional and down to earth.…

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Professional Installers

We have licensed septic tank system installers with years of experience.

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Rooter Septic Services offers most reliable and affordable septic tank services in the area.

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Rooter Septic Services is locally owned and operated septic company. Support a local business.

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Rooter Septic Services is a Georgia registered licensed septic company offering insured and certified septic services.

20 Aug 2021
How to Find a Reliable Septic Company
How to Find a Reliable Septic Company

How to Find a Reliable Septic Company

Your septic system is a core component of your building’s infrastructure, responsible for holding and treating the waste and wastewater generated by your household. While caring for and maintaining the septic system is important, choosing a reliable septic company in Atlanta is as important, if not more important. Rooter Septic Service is proud to be one of your options in the Metro Atlanta area, but we want to give you a guide on choosing a reliable septic company. If we happen to be your choice, then accept our gratefulness. We look forward to taking your call and giving you the exceptional technical and customer service you deserve.

Do They Prioritize Customer Service?

It is one thing for a septic company to tell you that they prioritize customer service, and it is another for them to prove it. A customer-oriented company will make the scheduling process as seamless as possible and will be ready to address any questions or concerns. Rooter Septic Service is committed to being accessible for our community. We have live representatives on standby to take your call before, during, and after your scheduled appointment. You are always welcomed to give us a call with any of your questions or concerns. We are also proud to offer emergency services for when you are stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

Are They Professional?

It can be nerve-wracking to hire a septic technician only to have an unmarked truck arrive at your property. You want a company that understands the importance of appearance. After all, first impressions matter for a reason. If you had to choose between a uniformed technician with a properly labeled vehicle and a guy in a t-shirt and an unmarked truck, we believe you would go with the former.
Rooter Septic Service is not here to just get the job done. We want our clients to have the peace of mind knowing they have a dedicated, skilled, and professional technician at their service.

Do They Have A Valid Address?

In the age of the internet, most appointments are scheduled over the phone after a quick glance at the company’s website. However, anyone can put together a website and plug in a phone number. Make sure that the company is legit by confirming their address on a GPS or navigation device. If their location does not show up on a map, then throw up a red flag.

Are They Clear and Honest?

Your septic system is important. There is no time to play with pricing tricks and gimmicks or ambiguous information. If the representative on the phone is unsure or giving you shady questions, then it is normal for you to become suspicious. If your instincts tell you that there is something fishy, then investigate further.

Check Their Reviews on Third-Party Sites

A company is not going to badmouth themselves. They will likely make their business seem perfect. Don’t just rely on their word. Check third-party sites for customer reviews of the company. Google and the Better Business Bureau are common sources for such information.