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24 Sep 2021
How to Care Your Septic Tank System?
 How to Care Your Septic Tank System?

 How to Care Your Septic Tank System?

Are you moving into a new home that has a septic system that you aren’t familiar with? If so, you may have some questions on how to properly care for that specific kind of septic system. There are a couple of different kinds of septic systems, and it’s important that you know which kind you have so you can properly care for it. If you need a septic company that is familiar with all kinds of septic systems, Rooter Septic Services is the one for you!

When it comes to your septic system, you need to make sure to provide it with the proper care it needs such as septic cleaning and septic tank pumping. Lucky for you, Rooter Septic Services offers all the services you could ever need to care for your septic system.

You may be used to relying on public sewers to dispose of your waste or think that’s how it’s handled, so if your home has its own septic system, you should know how it works. Septic systems are eco-friendly ways of treating the wastewater that leaves your home. Your septic tank pipes lead from your home into a septic tank where the waste is separated from things that can float and things that can’t. The clean water is dispersed into the soil around your home, while the bacteria in your tank works to break down the heavier waste.

While they are simple in design, your septic tank system relies on being cared for properly with regular maintenance such as septic cleaning and septic tank pumping. Need some advice on how to properly care for your septic system? Make sure to keep reading!

How to Care for your Septic System

1.  Don’t treat it like a trash can

You should never flush anything but toilet paper and waste down your toilet. Things like paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and tissues should never be flushed. These items can clog your septic tank pipes and they don’t break down when in your tank, limiting your tank’s capacity.

2.  No harsh chemicals or additives

Another thing that should never go into your septic system is harsh cleaning chemicals or additives such a Rid-X. While they are marketed to be good for your system, they actually throw off the bacteria balance in your tank and don’t allow things to be broken down.

3.  Protect your drain field

Because you don’t see your drain field every day, you may forget about it. You never want to put any heavy landscaping on top of your drain field since it can effect your pipes.

4.  Schedule regular maintenance

To properly care for your septic tank, you need to schedule regular maintenance. Call Rooter Septic Services for all your septic cleaning, septic tank pumping, and septic tank maintenance needs.

Do you need a septic company that can provide you with regular septic tank maintenance? Are you looking to schedule septic cleaning or septic tank pumping from a reliable and trustworthy septic company? Call the team at Rooter Septic Services today! You can learn more about our services by calling our office today.