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23 Dec 2022
How Does Septic Tank Pumping Work?
How Does Septic Tank Pumping Work?

How Does Septic Tank Pumping Work?

For homes that do not have access to the city's sewer systems, a septic tank is an underground storage tank for sewage waste. Although they differ in size and composition, they all serve the same purpose: to store sewage and treat wastewater until a septic tank pumping company needs to empty the tank. Rooter Septic Services is the most reliable septic company if you need pumping service. We have a detailed process of ensuring your septic tank is emptied and sanitized, looking brand new.

How a Septic System Works

In a septic system, all of the water and waste contained in the tank travel to the septic tank through a single main sewer pipe. When the tank is full, the liquids that were on top of the scum eventually flow into a network of pipes that lead to a drain field that helps spread the liquid waste. As the waste is broken down by bacteria, the liquids slowly filter down through the soil. At this point, the waste is nearly sterile.

Septic Tank Pumping

Sludge must be removed from the bottom of the septic tank through a process called septic tank pumping before it clogs the outlet pipe that allows liquids to enter the drain field. Several factors determine how frequently this needs to be done:

  • Household Size: The amount of people living in a household plays a major role in determining the size of your septic tank and how frequently it should get pumped. The more individuals that live in the house and produce waste, the quicker the tank reaches its full capacity.
  • Amount of Wastewater Produced: When the septic tank contains a sufficient amount of wastewater, it should get pumped. The average amount of wastewater produced can vary from household to household. The frequency of your septic tank getting pumped is based on your household.
  • Septic Tank Size: Common knowledge points to the fact that if you have a smaller tank, you will need more frequent pumping. On the other hand, if your septic tank is greater in size, you’ll have less frequent calls with your septic company.

After removing the cover from the septic tank, the technicians of the septic tank pumping service insert pumps through an open maintenance hole into the tank using vacuum equipment and tanks. Typically, a truck-mounted vacuum system is used to extract the liquid from a septic tank before pumping it out. So that solids and fluids can be pumped more effectively, the technician stirs up debris in the tank, which is greatly reduced when properly sealed.

Maintain Your Septic System

A septic tank can last for more than forty years if it is regularly serviced and maintained. But if you don't keep an eye on it, you might end up with sewage backups in your home, above ground, or in groundwater supplies, which would be dangerous and expensive to fix. To empty your septic tank, you can use certain septic tank treatment products. Be sure to make certain that these products are septic-friendly, otherwise, they could cause the opposite effect and bring harm to your septic tank.

When in doubt, ask your plumber about the product and how to use it for routine maintenance. At Rooter Septic Services, our plumbers care for your septic system just as much as you do, so don’t hold back and ask for any assistance you need.