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05 May 2022
Five Benefits of a Septic System Over Municipal Sewage
Five Benefits of a Septic System Over Municipal Sewage

Five Benefits of a Septic System Over Municipal Sewage

If you’re trying to figure out which is the better choice for your home between a septic system and municipal sewage, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are five reasons why some homeowners prefer a septic system over municipal sewage.

  • A Septic System Is an Eco-Friendly Option

When it comes to disposing of wastewater from a property, septic systems tend to be a more eco-friendly option because they are much less likely to leak. On the other hand, municipal sewer systems can leak raw sewage into the ground, thereby contaminating groundwater.

A well-maintained septic system is less likely to leak, and in case it does leak, the damage is contained to a specific spot in a property. Furthermore, a septic system uses a natural filtration system that helps to reduce pollution. Therefore, a septic system is much better for the environment.

  • It Is an Economical Option

Although a septic system comes with initial installation costs and occasional maintenance costs, it can prove to be an economical option in the long run. Property owners connected to a municipal sewer line pay a monthly fee for sewerage, but there's no such charge for a septic system.

Moreover, septic systems have a long life expectancy and require minimal maintenance, meaning you’ll save on maintenance and replacement costs.

  • Septic Systems Provide a Great Deal of Independence and Security

A municipal sewage system is not affected by community clogs and overflows like a septic system. Therefore, any disruption to municipal sewer lines has no effect on properties with septic systems. If you don't want to deal with the inconveniences associated with a municipal sewage system, you'd want to install a septic system in your property. However, you'll have to keep up with routine septic system maintenance to keep your septic system in good working order; otherwise, you'll experience many problems such as clogs, sewage backup, and septic tank overflows.

  • Septic Systems Are Good for Public Health

Septic systems reduce the chances of groundwater contamination and environmental pollution, so they help to reduce community risk of pathogen transmission.

  • Durability

A properly maintained septic system can last 40 years or longer. It all depends on the material used to build the septic tank and your maintenance routine. A septic system rarely needs to be replaced when properly maintained.

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If you rely on a septic system to dispose of wastewater from your plumbing system, you may need the services of an experienced septic company from time to time.

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