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10 Nov 2022
Common Myths About Septic Tanks
Common Myths About Septic Tanks

Common Myths About Septic Tanks

If you just bought a house with a septic tank or are thinking about getting one installed on your property, you probably already know a lot about how to take care of it from friends and neighbors. Even though they may appear to be experts on septic systems, many of their recommendations are far from what a septic company would agree with and can actually be harmful to your system. Some of the most prevalent myths about septic tanks are listed below.

You Won’t Have to Replace Your Tank

Some people will say that a septic tank should be replaced at least every 20 years, while others will say that with proper care, it could last a lifetime. Regardless of how great your septic system maintenance is, the tank will require a renewal sooner or later. After five years of use, the system may begin to fail as a result of poor management. However, your septic system may still function after 20 to 30 years or more if you continue septic tank pumping, use water effectively, dispose of waste appropriately, and take care of the drains.

Additives Make Up for Pumping

There are a number of additives that claim to clean your septic system. If you use these additives, you might have heard that your tank won't need to be pumped as often or at all. Sadly, it could be disastrous if your maintenance lacks septic tank pumping.

Both liquids and solids make up your septic tank. Your septic tank's natural bacteria will break down some of the solids, but there will still be a layer of solid matter. Your tank's solid waste will still need to be pumped on a regular basis, even with additives present. When it comes to septic tanks, avoiding additives is typically healthier.

You Can Put Anything Down the Drain

The presence of biological microbes that break down the waste that goes into a septic tank is what makes the septic tank work. The microbes that digest sewage will be diminished or eliminated by agents like drain cleaners and solvents, which will increase the likelihood of system failure. These microbes will eventually repopulate, but only after some of the sewage is digested. There are only two items that should be put in a septic system: sewage and wastewater.

You Can Build on Your Septic Tank

Most of the time, people believe that it is okay to build a structure on top of septic tanks because they are so far below the ground. This is a poorly conceived notion for two reasons. First, if you build over your septic tank, when you call in a septic company in Roswell, GA, it will be impossible for a professional to access it for checkups and repairs, making it impossible to pump and maintain it properly. Second, constructing over or on top of your drainage field or septic tank can impede the soil's necessary and natural breakdown of wastewater.

You Can’t Repair a Clogged System

Maintenance can often clear up clogged septic systems, so replacement isn't always necessary. Clogs may necessitate jetting, which entails installing access ports on the ends of the inlet lines to provide them with an internal pressure wash. If, in addition to pumping, hydro jetting is performed periodically, a septic system can function for many years.

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