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24 May 2022
Are Regular Septic System Inspections Necessary?
Are Regular Septic System Inspections Necessary?

Are Regular Septic System Inspections Necessary?

A septic system plays a crucial role in treating and disposing of wastewater in homes that are not connected to a municipal sewage treatment system.

However, many property owners do not give much thought to their septic systems because most components are located out of sight.

The reality is, a neglected septic system will cost you a lot of money down the line in repairs and replacements.

If you have a septic system, it’s important to schedule routine inspection to ensure your septic system is functioning perfectly.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average household septic system should be inspected at least once every three years by a reputable septic company.

What Does a Septic System Inspection Entail?

A standard septic system inspection involves conducting a visual inspection of the drainfield, checking the water level in the septic tank, and measuring the level of solids in the septic tank.

Other actions a septic inspector would perform include checking for leaks, inspecting the distribution box, and checking the baffles to ensure they are not covered by solids.

The Importance of Septic System Inspections

  • Saves You Money in The Long Run

Regular septic system inspections allow you to spot minor septic issues before they become bigger and more expensive problems.

Knowing the condition of your septic system allows you to take a proactive approach to resolving any problems that may compromise the performance and efficiency of your septic system.

The cost of septic system inspections is far less than the cost of replacing an entire septic system or even components of your septic system.

  • Increased Property Value

If you’re interested in selling your home, potential homebuyers will want you to disclose information about your septic system’s maintenance history. If your septic system hasn’t been inspected as required, then they might be hesitant to purchase your home. They will assume the septic system is in poor condition and may need repairs.

On the other hand, a properly maintained septic system is a major selling point for a home. If your septic system is in great condition, it will raise your property value.

  • Extends Your Septic System’s Lifespan

By scheduling regular septic inspection, you can detect issues that could cause your septic system to fail and fix them early enough. This will help you prolong the lifespan of your septic system.

A properly installed septic system is designed to do its job reliably for decades, but it won’t work properly unless it’s well maintained.

Routine septic system inspections can make all the difference when it comes to the performance, efficiency and longevity of your septic system.

Call Rooter Septic Services for All of Your Septic System Needs

If you’re looking for a reputable septic company to help you with septic system inspections, you can count on Rooter Septic Services to provide you with reliable services.

At Rooter Septic Services, we are committed to providing reliable and affordable septic services to cater to the needs of our residential and commercial customers. Whether you’re in need of septic tank pumping, septic tank repair, drainfield repair, or septic system maintenance, we’ve got you covered.